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Radical Love
Sam Keogh and Joseph Noonan Ganley

Conceived initially as an expanded seminar Radical Love took the form of a 3 day 2 night camp in Blessington, Co. Wicklow, Ireland in August 2010. Using radical conceptions of love as a foundation for the camp we attempt to politicize them. Radical Love required its participants to live and work together for the duration of the camp. Its participants collected firewood, delivered papers, washed dishes, made sculpture, cooked food, hung tarpaulins, made discussion, asked questions and drank beer.

The standard form of an event for the presentation of ideas (be it as exhibition/lecture/seminar/gig/party/protest etc) occupies a tidy temporal pocket which can be tagged onto the end of a working day. Radical Love proposes a break in this routine and an antidote to the latent heirarchies, fashions and alienating tendencies of contemporary discursive fields, which fail to deliver on their promise of inclusion.

The result of the camp was 6 essays, three sculptures and two performances. But the most important product of the weekend was the creation of a cohesive bond between its participants. In accepting the demand of Radical Love, its participants became subjects together; they created new ways of thinking and acting in common – while simultaneously assessing and re-assembling their own capabilities to act.

Participants included: Cathrine Barragry, Patrick Bresnihan, Cormac Brown, Oisin Byrne, Mick Byrne, Rosin Beirne, Vaari Claffey, Clodagh Emo, Claire Feeley, Donal Forman, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, Sam Keogh, Ruth Lyons, Paul Maguire, Christopher Mahon, Andreas Von Knobloch, Alice Lucy Rekab, Suzanne Walsh, Frank Wasser.

Radial Love is a proposition and a demand, it seeks to give form to the following tenents:
to demand you to be self authenticating
to demand you to both develop and take a position
to implicate you as a member - a participant - to make you responsible
to arrange close experiences of the like while never attempting to know or experience the other
to erode cynicism, careerism and all modes of self disenfranchisement
to sustains an anti-capitalist ethos
to fight against 'weak thought'
to demand both a formal and a conceptual engagement
to propose new modes of living
to propose new value systems and new modes of thought
to demand you to commit to an exchange
to demand agency in your terms for discussion
to demand a suspension or rupture of ones normal senses or rules
to thereby propose a state of exception

Radical Love Vol.1(PDF available here)