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Sam Keogh, David Beattie, Oisín Byrne, Rhona Byrne, Aleana Egan, Fiona Hallinan, Caoimhe Kilfeather, Ciarán Murphy, Lisa Maria Murphy, Joseph Noonan-Ganley and Ciarán Walsh, William Hogarth, curated by Rachel Thomas, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, October 2014

'Oscar Reduction Chamber' is comprised of a galvanised steel dustbin and ceramic Oscar the Grouch. In Raku firing, the ceramic is removed from the kiln red hot, then placed into a ‘reduction chamber’ filled with combustable material, leaving an intense and unpredictable glaze on the finished piece. For 'Oscar Reduction Chamber', the dustbin acted as the reduction chamber for the ceramic.

In another work, a series of small Raku style vesicles made from found plastic bottles and cups dipped in plaster are clustered on a mantelpiece.